Welcome! Let me introduce myself…

The focus of my practice is on integrating the body, mind, emotions and soul to improve your quality of life by addressing your daily struggles.  I assist my clients in eliminating burdens to their physical bodies (traumatic injuries, physical abuse, chronic/acute pains or illness), quieting their mental chatter, balancing their emotional well being (sexual or emotional abuses, stressful life conditions or other traumatic events: PTSD), and reconnect to their souls, finding increased peace, tranquility & inner harmony by the end of the session.  Every experience is tailored to meet your individual goals.

My education and experience in the fields of Massage Therapy, Tantra, Reiki, Integrative Energy Therapy, Mental Health Therapy and other forms of natural healing, allows me to provide my clients with a variety of options on their journey to wellness…

So if you find yourself Tied in Knots, in any of these areas of your life, you’ve found the place to take care of it!!

Thank you for visiting my website….Sending Love & Light…Gratitude and Blessings beautiful souls……


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